A distracted engineer, moonlighting as a folk-rock singer-songwriter.



My latest EP, Kickin' Rocks, is an eclectic batch of songs infused with hopeless romance, blue-collar work ethic, and Southern charm; virtues I was surrounded with growing up and virtues I try to carry with me everyday.

Listening back over these songs, I can clearly trace the themes back to my own life of a young-professional finding his way. With "Way Back," the EP starts off in a big way, with guitars and horns driving a swampfunk banger about the gimmicks men use to find love. In the country-ballad "Just Like It Was," I draw heavily from those first precious dates with my wife, heading back to the dive bar we made 'our spot' before life gave us all these responsibilities and wishing we could still spend every Tuesday evening there together. "Dear Rosalyn," a folksy series of letters to an old flame, once again captures the longing for bygone days, while also depicting the toll time and distance can have on a relationship. Finally, I end the EP with "Paying Attention," a softly sung acoustic number dedicated my parents, a realization of the lengths they went to building a home for their children.


 I'm just a distracted engineer, moonlighting as a folk-rock singer-songwriter. I'm a Southern-raised vagabond, who played his way across the country before settling down a wife, a job, and student loans in the heart of Silicon Valley. Somewhere in between the 50-hour work weeks, conference calls, and traffic jams, I steal back my time by penning lyrics in the break room, or playing hooky and heading into the studio for the day.  Heavily influenced by Jim Croce, Dave Matthews Band, and Jason Isbell, I strive for authentic storytelling and vibrant musicianship in my own work.